Vintage 1920's Abbott C Melody Tenor Saxophone Conn Stencil - Silver

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Note: We've gotten some conflicting information about the history of this sax. The previous owner of this instrument contracted Just Answer Musical Instrument Appraisal service, who said this saxophone was manufactured by Conn for Abbott, with a serial number dating it to 1926. Someone else contacted us saying that the instrument was produced by Martin, circa 1923, for Buegeleisen & Jacobson, who marketed the sax under the trade name Abbott. 

These are the two best pieces of information we have about this instrument, but because of the age of this instrument (almost 100 years!) it's hard to get any definitive proof about this sax. Either way, this vintage 1920's C-melody tenor sax is a great horn at a great price. Comfortable "American" style setup, with no major problems or issues. Recently professionally refurbished, re-padded, and fully tested, this C-melody tenor sax is ready to play with no adjustments or repairs.

More about C-melody saxophones: A major selling point for the C melody saxophone was the fact that in contrast to other saxophones, it was not a transposing instrument. As a result, the player could read regular printed music (e.g. for flute, oboe, violin, piano, or voice) without having to transpose or read music parts that have been transposed into B♭ or E♭, which most other saxophones would require. This enabled amateur musicians to play along with a friend or family member by reading from the same sheet of music—so long as the music fell within the pitch range of the C melody saxophone itself, that is, was not too high or low. Another selling point was that the C melody produces a more muted tone than the E♭ alto or B♭ tenor, which was useful when playing at home. Many novelty tunes, most influenced by 1920s dance music, were written specifically for the instrument. They were sometimes also used in churches to accompany hymns.

Serial number 143528 dates this horn to approximately 1926 or 1923 (see above info). This saxophone includes the neck, mouthpiece, mouthpiece cover, and hardshell case.

Condition: Excellent condition; some cosmetic wear, small dings and dents, scuffs, etc, but no major damage or necessary repairs. Recently professionally refurbished and re-padded and ready to play. This is a pre-owned instrument and there are signs of regular use. Please view the photos carefully and consider them part of the description. 

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Vintage 1920's Abbott C Melody Tenor Saxophone Conn Stencil - Silver