• Alto Saxophone Rental (3 Months)

Alto Saxophone Rental (3 Months)

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How It Works

Guitar Hangar has a huge selection of school band and orchestra instruments for rent. Whether it's orchestra strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, we've got you covered!

Once your student decides on an instrument, we make gearing up for the school year a snap - we stock tons of accessories and supplies for the student musician: required instruction books, music stands, straps, valve oil, reeds, and much much more! Guitar Hangar is your one stop shop for all your school band instrument rental needs!

Is it expensive? 

Guitar Hangar has the most competitive prices in the area. For most instruments, rental fees start as low as $17.50/month when you pay for the entire school year in advance. Don't want to make a big investment up front? We offer rentals in 3-month blocks as well. For most instruments, it's only $25/month for a 3-month block.

What if my child decides to change instruments?

Here at Guitar Hangar, we understand that young students are still trying instruments out and getting a feel for them. So if you rent a saxophone for your child, and after 2 months they decide they want to play flute... No problem! Swap out your rental for any other equivalent price instrument for a $15 service fee (the service fee covers the cleaning and sanitizing of the instrument being returned). 

Ok, I've decided to rent an instrument. Now what?

We understand that parents are busy, and time is valuable. That's why Guitar Hangar makes it easy to grab your instrument and go! It's as simple as stopping by our Brookfield, CT location, and filling out a little paperwork. Or you can add this product to your cart and pay online. Once you've completed the checkout process, you can come to the store during regular business hours to complete the paperwork and pick up your rental.

Guitar Hangar is open from 10am-6pm weekdays, and until 8pm on Thursdays. Call 203-740-8889 for scheduling and availability. 

Where to go

All rentals can be picked up at Guitar Hangar's Brookfield, CT location: 

270 Federal Road

Brookfield, CT 06804

For any additional info, call 203-740-8889 or email [email protected]


Weekdays: 10am-6pm

Thursday: 10am-8pm

Saturday: 11am-5pm

Sunday: 12pm-4pm 

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Alto Saxophone Rental (3 Months)