Custom Shop

The Guitar Hangar offers a variety of services to help keep your gear in tip top condition. Whether its a simple setup, a complicated repair, or a custom job, Guitar Hangar does it all. We also offer Amp Repair, Stereo Equipment Repair, Pro Audio Repair and an on-site Luthier for custom builds. Most basic work is done in-house for a fast turnaround time. More labor-intensive work like custom inlays, new paint, etc are done off-site at our Luthier's very own custom shop.

Got a rare vintage guitar that needs some TLC? Our repair department specializes in rare, vintage, custom, and high-end guitars! Do you really want to drop off your 1955 Telecaster at a big box retail store where all the employees are under 25? We wouldn't. Our Luthiers are seasoned professionals, with years of experience working on instruments for professional touring musicians like Jose Feliciano, Dave Matthews, Sam Rivers of Limp Bizkit, Ian Hunter, Todd Rundgren, Stevie Ray Vaughn, T.M. Stevens of Billy Joel & Joe Cocker, and Mark Andies of Heart, just to name a few.

Guitar Hangar also does custom builds! Our expert staff will sit down with you and help you pick all the right parts for the ultimate custom guitar, bass, or amp. We can also re-finish your old guitar or re-cover that old amp to breathe new life into your gear. 

Give us a call at 203-740-8889 for a quote or email us at [email protected] and we will get your favorite guitar on the road to recovery and playing like new!