Electro Harmonix Single Expression Pedal

  • Brand: Electro-Harmonix
  • Product Code: Single Expression Pedal
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Pair the EHX Single Expression pedal with any of your favorite effects pedals or any other device with expression pedal inputs! The EHX Single Expression pedal allows control over parameters on any of the following effects pedals: 

8 Step Program > Rate, Depth, Glide, Seq Length

Blurst > Range, Rate, Filter

Cock Fight > Filter

Crash Pad > Filter

Deluxe Big Muff Pi > Mids Filter

Deluxe Memory Boy > Rate, Depth, F.Back, Delay

Deluxe Memory Man 1100-TT & 550-TT > Blend, Rate, Depth, F.Back, Delay

Enigma > Filter

Good Vibes > Speed, Intensity

HOG2 > Oct Bend, Step Bend, Volume, Freeze + Gliss, Freeze + Vol, Wah, Filter

Holy Stain > Pitch Bend, Reverb Time, Trem Rate

Lester G > Speed

Memory Boy > Delay Time, Modulation Rate

Pitch Fork > Pitch, Rise/Fall Rate

Ravish > Pitch Bend, Symph String Level

Riddle > Filter

Ring Thing > Carrier/Modulation Freq, Pitch Shift

Stereo Talking Machine > Filter

Super Pulsar > Rate, Depth, Shape, Phase, Vol

Worm > Sweep


  • Expression pedal engineered for player convenience
  • Lightweight but rugged casing saves you from heavy pedalboards
  • Range control and polarity switch fine-tune the pedal's performance
  • Reverse button changes the direction of the effect in relation to the Expression Pedal

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      Electro Harmonix Single Expression Pedal