Loaded SKB 3sp Rack w Digitech GSP1101 Effects Unit + Furman M-8X2 Power Conditioner

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This used guitar rig setup includes an SKB 3-space molded effects rack case, a Digitech GSP1101 rackmount guitar effects processor, and a Furman M-8X2 power conditioner. In excellent condition and ready to play, this 3-for-1 deal is perfect for gearheads looking to expand their guitarsenal with some cool rack gear. 

"I have absolutely never been this happy about my guitar tone. The GSP1101 possesses all of the great Clean and Overdrive amp tones that I have always wanted for the stage and in the studio. Extremely versatile, yet very easy to quickly find your way around to design all of your dream presets. The results speak very clear with the GSP1101 pre amp and i have a strong feeling that a lot of players will soon agree!" Glen Drover - Megadeth

The GSP1101 is the new paradigm in preamp/processors. We looked at the needs of the professional guitarists who already get their core tone with their amps, guitars, and fingers. The pros wanted to do everything from just adding a few effects to their existing tone to creating entirely new sounds with a single rack-mount preamp/processor. One concern they had in common; "Don't take over my rig like other preamps do." This required a whole new approach in design.

Get eight more outlets of reliable power! Furman's M-8x2 is a remarkably affordable power conditioner that's perfect for your studio or live sound rig. Not only does the M-8x2 power conditioner free up your wall outlets, it filters the noise out of your power, increasing the sound quality of your entire system. Housed in a robust, road-ready metal 1U chassis, you can easily rackmount your Furman M-8x2 for added convenience. And thanks to it's 3.75"-deep design, you can even add a Furman M-8x2 power conditioner to your shallowest portable rack.

This Bundle Includes

  • Digitech GSP1101
  • Furman M-8X2
  • SKB 3-space molded effects rack


Excellent Condition; some very minor cosmetic wear shown in pictures. All features and electronics tested and working. This is a pre-owned unit, and it has normal wear associated with a product designed to be stepped on. Please view the pictures carefully and consider them part of the description. 

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Loaded SKB 3sp Rack w Digitech GSP1101 Effects Unit + Furman M-8X2 Power Conditioner